Painting is a journey into the creative spirit. It allows my soul to soar to new heights with excitement and promise. Every painting presents new challenges and rewards. I am very blessed to be an Artist and love to bring the joy I feel for it to others.”

Kathleen began her passion for Art with her parent’s support and encouragement. Her work has evolved over the years and her enthusiasm for teaching grown. She has participated in numerous shows and won many awards throughout the nation. She is a member of the Essex Art League, on the Board of Directors of the Northern Vermont Artists’ Association, and a  Signature Member of the Vermont Watercolor Society.

“I find such excitement and pleasure in the process of painting not just the end result. My goal is to capture the essence of the moment and allow the viewer to be drawn in.  Watercolor can be rather unpredictable but to me this is the joy of this medium. I compare it to a dance partner ; I do not try to control it but rather move with it.”

Kathleen teaches classes and workshops in Watercolor. She is described by her students as warm, friendly, highly motivational and creates a positive environment for learning and enjoyment.

“Painting is my passion, my energy and my source of constant fascination”.

Kathleen is happy to do works on Commission with 100% Satisfaction guarantee!

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  • Cover Artist Stowe Magazine 2004-05
  • Featured Artist Stowe Magazine 2003-04
  • Featured Artist Vermont Magazine 2005
  • Featured Artist at the Champlain Valley Fair, Vermont 2010
  • Designed labels for Maple Syrup Bottles produced by Leader Evaporator, a national producer of Maple Equipment 2012
  • Speaker at many Watercolor events
  • Professional Instructor / Workshop Leader
  • Participates in Plein Air Festivals
  • Has had my work published in Artistic Touch 5 and now Artistic Touch 6 by Chris Unwin.

Artist Statement

I am a passionate Painter and Instructor. I love the process of making art not just the end result. When I am painting my soul soars. I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds me and amazed by color, light and shadow. My images try to capture the joy in life. When someone tells me that my art makes them happy, I feel a profound sense of accomplishment. — Kathleen Berry Bergeron